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Why Locally Sourced, Grass Fed Beef Is the Perfect All-Round Choice

Are you and your family trying to become better citizens, as you plan to live a more healthy and productive future? You've had enough of the status quo and don't want to "fit in" with the general flow but want to take control of your actions on every front. As part of this initiative, you may have decided to support local traders only and to eat the best and most wholesome foods that you can find. You may also be keen to eat a more balanced diet, as you improve your overall fitness levels. Why should beef be a part of this equation and what type should you choose?

Support the Community

When you source your food carefully, with an eye to the environment and to community support, you can tick many of your boxes. You know how important it is to back local traders, especially as they face such a challenge from the multinational conglomerates. If you spend your money in your community this can only have a positive knock-on effect for everyone and furthermore, you will know what you're buying and how the cattle have been reared.

Treat the Cows Better

You should always choose cattle that have been fed grass instead of grain, as you will end up with a purer cut. Cows that are given grain and other ingredients instead of grass will also be fed unhealthy hormones so that they will grow to a certain size and weight, as demanded by the marketplace. In other words, those farmers will have more meat to sell and be able to get more money as a consequence. When you choose grass-fed cows instead, however, they won't be fed those potentially damaging hormones, as they will be able to gain enough weight naturally in the paddock.

Understand the Benefits

You'll also find that this type of beef has many additional health benefits. It has a larger concentration of omega-3 fatty acids which are good for your heart health and there are other ingredients that have been proven to reduce the risk of cancer and provide you with more essential vitamins.

Grass-fed cattle are also better for the environment. The run-off from the fields will be of a higher quality and this will mean less pollution in local waterways. Furthermore, local meat farmers will be able to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and contain their carbon footprint.

Making Your Move

As you can see, there is every reason for you to choose locally sourced, grass-fed beef as part of your family expansion plan. You can learn more about your options by contacting a locally sourced steakhouse.

About Me

I was lucky as a child because I never had an issue with food allergies. This meant I could eat all the peanut butter in the world and never give it a passing thought. Flash forward to me as a mum, and I was sad to find out that my own son has a moderate peanut allergy, and is intolerant of gluten. However, instead of seeing this as a huge negative, I decided to accept the challenge of changing the foods I feed to my family so that my son is not singled out at mealtimes. My blog is written to help other parents who need to make food choice and cooking changes to suit children with allergies.

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Why Locally Sourced, Grass Fed Beef Is the Perfect All-Round Choice

Are you and your family trying to become better citizens, as you plan to live a more healthy and productive future?…

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