Here are some catering tips to follow if you're having an outdoor summer wedding.

Include a few warm (but not hot) dishes amongst the cooler ones

For this type of occasion, it is sensible to ensure the caterer prepares plenty of cold foods that will refresh the wedding guests whilst they're eating them outside on (what will probably be) a warm summer's day. However, it's important not to have the caterer create a menu that consists only of cooling dishes but to also have them prepare a few warm (but not hot) ones, too. For example, they could prepare a warm butternut squash salad, some vanilla ice cream with espresso or warm fudge poured over it, as well as some fried halloumi-and-red-pepper kebabs.

Whilst the guests will definitely be in need of some cooling dishes at a summer outdoor wedding, they may become chilly if their entire, lengthy meal consists only of cold foods, especially if they're sitting under shaded tables for the whole meal and drinking chilled wine or icy cocktails as well. Whilst it would not be advisable to include a spicy curry or a heavy soup with this meal (as eating these foods outside in the sun may make the guests feel far too hot), pairing the cooler foods with warmer ones will ensure that the guests don't get cold while they're eating.

Discuss how the food will be protected in the run-up to the meal

You'll also need to talk to the caterer about how they'll take care of the food in the run-up to the meal. This is important, as in a warm outdoor setting, meats can quickly spoil and ice-cream and cake frosting can rapidly melt. Furthermore, flies may land on the food if it's not covered up properly.

If you know the temperatures are likely to be sky-high on your wedding day, you might want to ask the caterer to use heat-resistant food covers that will stop the cold foods underneath them from warming up. You should instruct them not to uncover the food until the very last minute before it's time to start serving it (to stop flies from accessing it). You should also order far more ice from the caterer than you estimate you'll need for the drinks, as the ice in people's drinks will melt much faster if they drink them outside on a very hot day and so your guests will probably need to top-up the ice in their drinks very frequently.

Reach out to a local catering service to get more tips.