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Tips for Choosing a Catering Service

Caterers are an essential element in event management. Their services ensure that guests attending an event do not go back home with empty stomachs. A good caterer will make your event memorable because people love good food. If you are looking for catering services, below are a few tips to guide you. 

Reputation and experience 

It is vital that the caterer you hire is experienced in the business. Ask the caterer how long he or she has been in operation. Also, ask the caterer if he or she has provided catering services to a similar event. To gauge the caterer's reputation, look for testimonials from past clients or check for online reviews.  

Type of food

If you require unique cuisines at your event, then you must ask the caterer if they can provide such food. For instance, some caterers may not be in a position to prepare cultural dishes such as specific Chinese or Indian dishes. If the caterer cannot provide such food, you may choose to hire a chef or look for the service elsewhere.

Level of organisation

Your choice of caterer should be highly organised. Ask the caterer how he or she plans to roll out catering services on the day of the event. Your input regarding the event program will be highly valuable. Nonetheless, you should agree on the following;

  1. When will the caterer arrive at the location? If there are foods that will be prepared on site, then the caterer should arrive early.
  2. When will food be served? The caterer should be in a position to adjust to program changes.
  3. How will food be served? Will you have a buffet, hand service or action stations?
  4. How many serving stations will you have? Events with a high number of attendees should have several serving points to ensure all guests are served.
  5. When will the caterer leave the location? Preferably, the caterer should leave after the event is over. 


The kitchen staff and the waiters should be highly trained. They should also be courteous and well behaved. It is normal for guests to be stubborn, so the waiters should know how to deal with such occurrences. Also, ensure that the caterer has adequate utensils to serve your guests. You may want to ask about this if you have a lot of guests attending the event.

Finally, the caterer should be affordable. Inquire as to any extra costs you might incur on the day of your event.

The main considerations to make when looking for a caterer are his or her experience, their reputation, the food you want, the level of organisation, staffing details and costs. 

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Tips for Choosing a Catering Service

Caterers are an essential element in event management. Their services ensure that guests attending an event do not …