Everyone loves pizza. If you asked people to choose one dish that can be customised and created exactly how they like it, most people would choose pizza. Pizza is available in so many flavours and variations that whether you crave something hot, something with fish or even a vegetarian meal, pizza can be the solution. With such flexibility, it should be easy to find the perfect pizza restaurant whenever you go out for a meal, yet that isn't always the case. Far too many pizza restaurants fail to create that perfect pizza slice. If you trying to choose your perfect pizza restaurant, see if it can pass these four tests:

Look around the restaurant

Before you even get to eat the pizza, take a look at the restaurant itself. Does it appear to be clean and well looked after? Are the chairs comfortable? What is the ambience like? Is there loud music playing that will prevent you from engaging in conversation? These may seem to be minor issues, but they all play into how much you will enjoy your meal. The pizza might be fantastic, but you won't enjoy your evening if you must shout to be heard all night.

Pizza crust

A good pizza starts with the crust. Great toppings are important, but if the pizza restaurant can't make a decent pizza crust, then you probably won't want to visit again. What does the crust taste like? Is it too hard or too doughy? Is it the correct thickness? Did the restaurant offer you the option of a stuffed crust? Everyone has different tastes, but finding the perfect crust is a vital step to choosing your favourite pizza restaurant.

Pizza toppings

Does the pizza restaurant offer a full range of toppings including a vegetarian option? When the pizza arrives, does it come with plenty of toppings or is the pizza sparsely populated so that you can see more sauce than toppings? Are the toppings all freshly prepared or do they appear to be old as though they have been lying around for a while?

What about the cheese?

How much cheese does the pizza restaurant use? If the cheese has all evaporated by the time the pizza reaches you, then you can be sure that not enough cheese was used. By contrast, some restaurants use so much cheese that the pizza becomes a greasy mess. Adding just the right amount of cheese is a sure sign that your pizza has been prepared by a professional.

Choosing the perfect pizza is always going to be a matter of personal preference, but by looking at each of these four areas, you should be able to select a pizza restaurant that will create a good-quality pizza to satisfy any palate.